WE NEVER STOP HEAD HUNTING for the most interesting people, personality counts.

How would you like to try being part of the HR Recruiting Group? Could you get to work online from your small office home office SOHO and have fun developing a world class working environment?

We are involved in the most amazing and profitable projects the world has ever seen. With 47 leading projects up front and 350 plus more at various levels of startup, we will never run out of ideas.

Your founder is a father of invention. Creating a successful project or enterprise is a step by step verifiable method, not a guessing game, not a trial and error game of horseshoes or hand grenades. We have a formula and a schedule to follow and it works every time.

Around 11% of these projects are dropped every year if they are too slow to perform. HR needs to place and move people around into the right place for them, where they will be the happiest.  Naturally, loyality is not a dirty word when we need responsible self-disciplined honest people finishing all aspects of projects.

The many ways Deyrnas like to help the general public find their best solutions are through R&D, manufacturing, services, and products that balance the users and the world.

Deyrnas has three founding interests. Hundreds of projects will build inside these 3 categories. They are also in order of importance, Technology, Health, Energy.

We will lead the world by 2025. We will become substantially helpful to the world and individuals by 2020. There is a legacy starting here. The leadership is obsessed with the commitment to building out all of the Deyrnas Projects.

We cannot know for sure everything but we can go with what we know works and what can be duplicated in satellite interdependent offices.

You are a dreamer, and dream of the perfect job placement You want our work completed the right way by the best person.

You vet people very well and you are intuitive about what makes people tick or motivated. Your due diligence is thorough.

Because of those attributes, you make us great.


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There is a HRrecruiting department. We realized we will always need then forever. The are workers resources for Deyrnas. We just need to encourage the amazing people full of life.

Next we need to turn the on and off again project funding phase into a ful time fund raising arm of Deyrnas. We allw you to adapt it to the best progressive world. Let’s invest in Deyrnas all the time.


Clear your mind, technology, health, energy. You need nothing else, ever, ever, ever again. Life just got simplier. Tech Health Energy.

That is the main way to make yotu life into a person who has the choice to go to the stars with us later.

If you do everything you are suppossed to do, you could be eanring a milloin a year in 3 years. We are not kidding.

We will start you off in training for $960 this year. We will have to talk on the phone so we know you are real. If you do your work and no body else does you will still double you money with tuition for free.

(about $1,920 if they do nothing)

If they do nothing we move to another stategy in the second money and fill in the spots with believers. Those who do nothing with earn $10, some will earn $40 and a few will earn $120, for the whole year just after next years renewal date. You can have it be used to reduce your renewal fee.


Your tech investment come with a free to use international phone number from 286 cities around the world.

Your monthly deposit adds up from $80  (exacutive pack) for 4 week times 13 moons a year is $960. By prepaiing you rbecome a Founding Executive and earn another 3% override.

Never ask someone if they want to earn some extra money.

They rewrite it in their head and it goes like, he thinks I need money, oh no I better act chill and say nope don’t need any more responsibility or money. Some excuse.

Tell him I found out that in 100 all the new billions and millionair made their money in tech.h

I put 80 a month basically as a saving in text. If you are just trying it out for a year you can take you Tech down an notch to 5o for 4 weeks ($600). It’s always 4 weeks and 13 moons per year because thats the way it actually is. Cool aeh?

Tides are in here too. Waves of income and opportunity.

If you feel this is for you and you are cool with being different for one more time, then ride this with us. The is so beautiful we are goin gto change a lot of lives and outcomes for many people, its designed to share everything.

There will be as Deyrnas has decided, two new programs.

There will be 2 groups of full time and part time volunteers deployed. on contact to recruit skill people 100% of the time. It is now a

They will be on contact recruited for skills every time. It will now be a full time department of yours in Deyrnas. Recruitment.

It will pay 1, 2, and 3% override over a year.


At the same time as we build one, the recrutiment fddepartment we will build a permanent capital raising organization. with the goal of funding hundreds of

.It’s goal will be the management of funding for a few hundred grassroots enterprizes in the porfolio for technology health and energy.

We shore up the wonder of a way in the “other” economy.

Plan B including side line online income makes your progress safer and possible. It seems impossible without a team and an old plan.

There is a good reason for it, many reasons. There is lots of time to learn interesting things.


If you can’t do that, bookmark and come again.

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5 – minutes of reading
27 minutes viewing films
3 minutes registering
18 exploring on your own
7 referring one person

on principle
Independ on any third party promotion company to fund
in principle,
growth must come from the commons
the interest to promote Deyrnas
must hail from individuals and organic groups
without coercion or manipulation
this is the people’s choice
None other is allowed.