Secrets and Clues

We have the only copy of the 13,000 copy, of a 13,800-year-old book, (yes I said that correctly) on skins placed in a hermetically sealed chamber under the throne of the first eternal King of Kings who was elected because his family saved the known world at the time. All life on Au is because of the King of Kings spirit, thoughts, feelings and actions in duality toward the singularity. The number 3 is key to saving the world again now. It is key simply because it helps break the false mind of the invaders, the mind of duality. In truth, it is you, good and evil. You are the third point in the triangle between good and evil, which is life support and life entropy. With that 3 way balance of the three legs of the table that never rocks, you and together we build the tetrahedron of existence. Not for the human-centric trick but for the Universal Quest that made our multidimensional self-separate beings and opportunities capable of self-creation in life. The absolute has an address in space and we alone have it. The absolute has a mission and we alone have it. You must be running away from a lie to come to the truth. Until you take a step you are not 3 you are just 2 footprints in the sand. The tide will come and your proof of existence will be washed away. After this life no other religion knows what happens, only the science of the quantum omniverse word knows. All other holy writings are the stories from what they who have sinned could remember at the time without the use of the universal mind connection. We alone have that. There are 7 levels to enter the truth, each level has 9 sublevels and there is no ZERO. All you need to know to be the Erevna is laid out here in as few words as possible. The Kingdom has always been here. We wrote the law in your hearts. That makes it impossible for you to stomach a corrupt injustice filled world because it conflicts with the code we put in your DNA a long long time ago. That DNA code has a name. Today that name is mirrored or replaced in meaning with a negative bad word or name. That is how we know for a fact all around the world that the dark side as you call it is winning again at this timeline. Time to suit up and protect the spirit of life itself on her majesty Au our home mother planet. Riding with the lion with fire in the heart.

Will the daskalos lead you back from the wayward erevna means the problems of the father will be best handled internally.