You open an account with $495 and buy 1 for 1 credits to spend as you wish inside.

If you pay attention and judge yourself properly you will know where to place your 495 “crown”.

If you are behind because you have no tech investments in time and money, you need to give your head a shake.

The last 100 billionaires made thousands of millionaires
and they made hundreds of thousands of 6 figure earners
and “where were you”? They were all invested in Tech.

This is a chance to invest in smart safe low risk Technology. $495

You will purchase a license to represent only after professional training.

We will give you technology products to test and demonstrate for sale.

You don’t have to buy them and the license allows you to earn a commission.

Once you sell 6 the computer will issue you a daily residual based on the world wide sales.

There is a $100 rebate for anyone who brings 2 people to a FOCUS GROUP.

This makes your new tech investing consulting business customize to your local area.

There are 3 first entry points of interest and you can pick one two and three in your preferences.

Robots and sensors, Small business second secure phone systems. Drones and sensors.

Future in energy saving and efficiency systems and invention.

Future in transportation and cargo systems interest.

Future in adaptive technology and social distribution, teaching what the world needs now and in the future for the children. Children do well to be interesting in programming a robot for $495 subscription per year.  You don’t own it and when we are ready to ship the next version you may receive the upgrade at any time.