Philosophy of Trade

Understanding Life is the key to the Deyrnas trade machine.

Life is not what you have been told. Well on average it is less than half true. What you have been sold is a world and life view based on the Newtonian paradox and fallacy. It is mostly a fallacy because it is incomplete. The physical life is a half-truth. Actually, it is the weaker lesser half, so much so, that it is more like only 1/3 of actual reality.

The theories and therefore the business and trade ideas are less than what humanity needs. It is missing an entire set of bottom lines. It is unsustainable.

As soon as you learn what life [Actually] is you will quickly see the more real based reality of the world framed all around you. Your trade concept will align easily with no need for too many other instructions. It’s all in the truth about what life is based on a non-political and a non-commercial definition.