Philosophy on Religion

Life is the reason for belief in a new way of understanding how the religions of the world can get along.

A Fundamental Truth: Religions are not from man, but created by man from the knowledge of the land and environment and what the people need that arise unique to the land.

Rules of survival particular for that land environment eventually are turned into religions rules. When those religions attempt to migrate to a different environment, the rules are inappropriate and trouble always ensues with the proper local authorities, not the cultural invasions representatives who weaseled their way into temporary authority.

Commercial-democracy misrepresentative governments have no professions or business in understanding the path to religious world peace. That government sells solutions to the problems they cause.  No one has the right to overrule the religion of the land by any religious invasion from another environment where few if any of those original rules for survival are fitting for appropriate.

No dessert made religious philosophy [or ritual practices] fits in with a forest and mountain, or plains, rivers, and lakes environment, nor the needs of real people and livestock living on Island community and their needs for survival.

Invading humans [are tricked victims/victimizers] that think their philosophy belongs to them [inside the person’s illusion of free will and choice] and not the land is both the cause of their own hardship and the defending ancient religious beliefs in that land for a long time before these invasions of the ignorant began. They have always ended in war. We all have to do something about this but no one does.

Well, Deyrnas does and we cannot do it all alone. Religion-based invasions and the wars caused by moving around the world without adopting the beliefs of the LAND you are in will work everywhere people are beautiful and begin smarter about the real world is a good place to start.