Philosophy on Governance

Life on Earth requires good governing because humans exist.

Human’s have unique needs that require collective thinking on some level of agreement so that those needs may be met. Duality in politics is the cause of frustrating distractions from the third option. While you are so busy making a fuss it is because your time has been stolen away from any time to give to learn a better way.

ASK yourself, when did you spend any time on anything other than the politics being fed to your mind?

Deyrnas is an escape pressure valve that gives you peace and peace makes life better for you. Fighting in duality where both sides think they are the good side is a living hell. It causes many to drop out. We want to keep going and fill the missing third in life so that the damage to community psychology and wellness is support by the very system.

Honesty and love is the key. A science that is able to detect truth over fiction is the best form of love. Love has a scientific form. It is a tested and clear thing to those who have studied it.

It is our belief that once the falsehoods about life and the world are removed, including false science, then as one lives their life the path becomes clear. This world is reverse of the truth and because of that fact, the people cannot have the better way of government. Distraction is keeping organic ideas from emerging from the public.

Everyone seems to think they know the other guy’s mind. They don’t and they don’t know the Deyrnas philosophy. If they did, then they would already be at the end of delivering peace on Earth.

In Deyrnas, we help the elected government or the Kingdom, never protesting, always supporting the incumbent. Internally we watch and take data on all activities but we don’t speak against a ruling government, we help them as good citizens. We are here to help people and release the government of pressures and their impossible jobs.

This government system is mathematically impossible. Inside we can explain why that is. Basically, in a lifetime you will be forced to live under the rule of the “other side” more than 65% of the time. We can reduce that to 35% of the time.