So I am keeping the secrets of Deyrnas and letting you dream a little bit just to see for yourself if you can imagine the missing needs of the world and humanity. Imagine a version of the world where the volume is turned up on three areas of a persons life. LOVE, POWER, and MONEY. Think on that.

Ask yourself did you have any emotional reaction to any or all of those three words.

For me I want everyone to have at least 33% more love in their life. More loving environment, more loving friends and more loving family.

For me power is health and strength and stability and I want a world where you have one third or 33% more personal power than you do know. I hope you have enough power now but wouldn’t that health and strength and gentle easy stability be a great thing for you?

For me my goodness it is wonderful to have a currency where I can quickly send money to help someone in a versatile way to save a life in need to be my social recognized that we are here because we are a social being. Now with one third more money think of the good you can do after you obey the laws of finance and do your properly ordered accounting.

Deyrnas wants more love power and money for it’s subjects. You are a subject of the human species which includes all the sub-species today and who have bless their souls gone extinct, yet live on in many of us in the form of ancient coding in our Rhesus Factor DNA.

The healthier your body is the better you can learn the way to the good life, even as one version of the world self destructs around us, you know the proper way embedded in Deyrnas (applies to graduates of the 9th year only), and that health body has increased mental power capacity to understand important life’s principles, based in theoretical science of the anti-en-tropic field and quantum navigation realities for those who learn to shift with us.

There is no doubt that the fornication of Commercial-)-Democracy will sell you sickness and insecurity products and services. Fear and lack of a life and death philosophy based in truth causes that market. Only a kingdom thinks differently. It has more pride in relation to other kingdoms around the world. It wants to show off the good life at Kingdom provides with strong health and beautiful people. That health and strength defines a Kingdom.

The kingdom is reverse and supply truth of consequences rather than laws and walls. When a law is being broken willfully and perpetually then nature demands that a wall be erection. When people leave one areas they leave that areas teachings and ideology behind. They flow with the environment and come to be like the people in the majority where they rest awhile. They return home if they prefer the ways of their home majority.

Cultural invasion is totally undesirable and has a serious consequence for the world. There will be no laws to handle it because walls or the mirror of the wall can be erected against cultural invasions upon the Kingdom. The Kingdom and its global system is not in place and is hidden so it cannot help the world. If can help anyone invidiously break free of the endless false story of life in the world.

Commer-ocracy will not go away and we will be supporting it. Those players are in bed together and they may as well get married. The PEOPLE mathematically for a certainty need more than can EVER be provided by comer-ocracy. They can BUY votes all the time just by hiring the smarts and the best are mind control. The poor can never be addressed because it will never be profitable for them.

There needs to be a removal of “the social needs side” to the commer-ocracy. Lets take away the losers arguments narrow socialist inference with the good government. We will help the government govern by taking the burden off looking after the basic poor.

So they can get on with more development in other areas of business.

We will help all philanthropy (not the fake ones) and fund religion (as a system) governance (as a function of law) and trade (as a way of meaning all needs fairly) with ideas that make 33% better results.

Across the board of true human needs, as a single social being, and as a multi-dimensional originator (with separate worlds and world development ideas) in the individuals spirit concept, mind concept, emotional concept, and your physical being with a body that has an inverted mirrored clone on the left of right side, with a single signal like a spark plug triggering a heart beat for about 100 years of more for full participants in the sciences of life with us.


Futuristic Fractal and Earth Design

Defender of the Defenders of Life!

We will do whatever possible to accomplish the impossible.


THE 1,000 yr EMPIRE has it’s Year One at CP-1. On 2 December 1942, the first human-made self-sustaining nuclear chain reaction was initiated in CP-1, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chicago_Pile-1

We created the NEW CLOCK and Calendar (overlay) to represent THE NEXT 1,000 YEAR. This clock was published in the early 90 online and 17,000 people began using it in 42 weeks. references are missing. The Jesus of the East traveled to connect with the Jesus of the West in Vancouver. The dark side blocked it and thousands passed away in tangent time lines. The clock is power and not for sale. It is free at member events.

The King of Kings has been here a very long time. He would only speak with Kings of recognized lands. That’s why everything remains art and fantasy. but my goodness the benefits are real. We are literally playing a game wrapped around all these things that benefit people. We are an entertainment company, see if that tip won’t help get you a job. It won’t I will tell you now. So don’t try it!#@#

Everything is real and serious about making the films and programs that help the most. So want to join in groups of two by two and make the most of learning time, respect your teachers. Say the word liberal once or rights and this old fashion yardstick across the knuckles.

There are 7 diffinable and 2 undefinable with about .64 potentially definable dimensions where the laws of the conscious space as it leaves you and us, is definable and usable to you and us.

Its ok that the tricked world didn’t teach this. No one is forcing you here.

Your mind reading this is connected to the 5th dimension. Your feelings and movements are the 4th dimension. Your atoms are 3rd dimension you guess.

Above your mind is a place where a shaddow of you the original you lives int he 6th dimension. It is a copy sort of you but older and wiser. Sometimes it sends flashes of brillence down to your open mind at the time you need it. It has probably saved you many times, told you to zigged when you zagged.

The world clock is an ignorant clock. It ignores the daily speed of a body on earth and the seasons. It ignores the moon and the sun. Our CLOCK feels good. It has meaning and information, it is useful, it overlays the worlds time system. It gives us something more that what has been offered, one mono time system. We are not subject to the limit put upon everyone. The world time is what we use when dealing with everyone. We respect it and we support its continuance. In our private lives there is another clock, an add on, its an app, an implant.

We are here to save the world, in or out? That’s where it begins and ends with us, while 3.5 billion are with us and the rest don’t know or don’t care at this time. They care again with it’s too late.


Empires come and go. We are repeating 1177 B.C. Did you know that only happened twice?

If you don’t why have a political opinion at all if the last time this world happened is unknown to the majority. Teach the teachers.

Some Empires change form so slowly that no one notices until history tells their story.

This Empire has a mandate.

It is to end the needless suffering on Earth.

When this has been fulfilled this empire will end itself.

No other force in the Universe will end this Empire, because it’s an Empire, bigger than all of us.

Other than our own dissolving of the need to exist The Empire exists.

We are here to save the World. Simple. Complicated in the details but simple on the surface. Honest if that is scary at times in society depending on your environment on earth.

The World is Mir. Defined for a long time as the people of the place. It is inside the individual, outside the individual, inside the shared living space, the wild and free, the entire climate of stone and water with Water being the Wife of Life, and Sun her father.

ON the science level this is anti-entropic fields pushing up inside an entropic universe. Understanding that is our technology. This will be the greatest place on Earth to work invest and explore fringe technology.

Thou shall not wait another moment for a resurrection or a sign to begin the work of your found calling to the whole of Life itself. Worship the real, over the myth and use the myth for dreams and inspiration on the job of working, lifehacks to make work smart an easy, that is only possible with the force of life. Life is the measure of success in saving the world.

One-third of all that exists that leads all life into a one-way path to extinction where no group of beings may turn around. This is hidden from common knowledge. Take our hands it is safe and there is a way to gain uncommon knowledge. You get the gain with less pain.


Let’s Begin, you live in the TRUE universe, Done.

Your mind can simply not produce a single thought in the PHYSICAL body. No matter what they tell you about the brain, they only study the physical. The psychical brain cannot contain a thought. The whole planet takeover is mind control.

Your beliefs are either aligned with that or they’re not.

The TRUTH is all your thoughts and believes are somewhere in the third option, the one you miss all the time. the person in the spectrum. ONE end is no truth the other end is TRUE.

We are on the spectrum at some point we can call the Truer’s. Quantum is truer than Newton.

Since you are 100% made up of all things universal you are exactly what TRUTH says about itself NOT about you but you are totally 100% subject to the TRUE universe.

You do not know the truth, no one does.

Yet here we gather.

We came to save a world, ours.

Did you think this impossible task is some way possible to accomplish some part of the task?

Can we save 1 part of the world?

Can we say that we will save 1 third of the World?

A mind that thinks that saving one third is a waste of time because of “we all become extinct regardless of what we do”, I say, and is that your final excuse for not trying?

We are going to attempt to solve one-third of the world’s problems and we want you to pay us in something you have when you want to use it. We want payment in loyalty points.

Why because some beings seem to fall for doomsday ideas and fight against trying. We are only trying. We hope to succeed. We see no one getting hurt in the transition to finding solutions. We are thinking of the best way we can with what we have been given to work with. Now join because we made it meaningful and fun.

Let’s get your mind calibrated right away. Everyone feels like they are the center of the universe. This is because inside you is a tiny black and white hole binary star. It is projecting your framework out like a very slow bell ring that takes 250 years to fade away.

The two sides of your body are the opposites of the image stamped on the Second Dimension. The Black Hole (same but different) is the singularity. It collides with a white hole. The white hole is a package.


Therefore, it is perfect for you to contribute and receive assistance with life itself from the friends who are awake to the white hole programming, you. More than you can know right now, we don’t fix one-third of the world’s problems without helping you be your best first and exclusive, teach the teacher.

To get inside information, if you detect the language error hiding in this article and send your answer here. See the bottom for contact info and free downloads.

The White Hole is a package that has some choices. YOU MADE THE CHOICES.

However, because there are so many choices WE run a default package service.

You Can choose from the large array of differences, usually a common type that you tend to like and have used many times before.

I want you to know we are all so sorry that the common knowledge base has tricked you. There is one-third of reality that all humans need to be taken out of the global culture. Once you see it you will know you have needed it all along.

But before the tide turns we have to get you back in top shape. Our women are the most beautiful on Earth. Our men have the duty to be men and successful.

Always remember where you heard it first. When we fly into the Sun we use our absolute zero magnetic shielding from the far future development relative to John Searl of your timeline.

Right now the world is set us so that you cannot handle the truth about when you die and before you were born. You are so much older, all the patterns of your makeup and your body are millions of years in design repeat redesign repeat and so on.

for the body you want. And you can trade in one body with another from the same line over time, and we teach that to the teachers.