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You’ve all heard about parallel worlds I assume. This is like that only it is adjacent in the math. The world seems the same only your life in it is different for better or worse.

The larger AW’s are made up fantasy worlds that are older and have had more people play around in them and create experiences.

Quantum navigation is a set of skills in learning how to go right go left stop stay back up in life so that you gain the best possible Version of your life in the Quantum World.

There are 8 solid adjacent worlds built over a long time by many strong minds and creative individuals. They began with ancient writing discovered and interpreted. Nobility is involved. Loyalty is a value again.


It is in fact, not the best world, not the worst world.

For some it gets very bad. For some it gets very good.

These are from storms of the quantum field, a long list of taking a left or a right. A long life of saying yes or no to this or that person.

In QNav you realize by stories how to navigate and judge it as authentic by using simple measurements. Learn do grow. Tomorrow have your five first encounters with people you know bring you good news. Have he weather be better in your dream for tomorrow. Have health and no one bringing you the news. If you are mentally ill or have personality disorders then go ahead and take some news but do yourself a favor and plan to quit smoking one day.

You see a large public courtyard that has plenty of room for a dozen cafes and a trade market with 100 or 2 people walking around. You are looking down from a Italian second floor window.

Now you also have 200 year in the future technology. There is a head up display radiating into the air and on your arms. Red yellow and green light comes up in a low over the city courtyard with the people below. Only now you have green over the area where people positive to you are found. The read glow would be people to avoid.

Are you completely away that only ONE event in a persons life can make or break a path to the good life or a path to a negative version of you in any version of the world. That event will always be meeting someone new for the first time. How do you know who to meet and who to ignore or who to actively avoid? In the future you will know with a machince called a Quantum Navigator. It will have a public key to you and your data and match people with needs and qualities you like to connect with that they decide to make public.

This will literally allow people to live the life they always wanted.

For now it is an imagined world with real world benefits. We look at adjacent worlds, like Disney Land was, Like Entertainment groups can be, like business can be. Imagined world with real world benefits.


The demon of distraction.

We must slay it.

To do this we have created a second clock to keep time. We created a secret calendar for the subjects us are worthy. Quantum is science proving magic.

Distraction is fought with teaching about time. There are three groups of time. Awake time, day dreaming time, sleep time.

Focused time is awake time. What if it was 6 t 8 hours a day? Daydream is unfocused time. What if that were the same? What if sleep time were eight hours a day? That is what we call the three legs of the table for balance.

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