Your Deyrnas Account

Here you can update your Account in Deyrnas World.

  • Update your First and Last name in Deyrnas.
  • Try not to use your birth name, since this is fantasy land so you can use a gamer or fun nickname.
  • Make sure your email is updated so you can receive all invitations.
  • You can change your password. Remember to update your password saving software or browser.
  • You can control your privacy from only you or everyone.
  • You can hide your profile from the member’s directory or publish again once you have updated.
  • You can delete your account no questions asked.
  • Once you earn any rewards you may not delete your account however you can still suspend emails and listing in the directory any time.


  1. Free browsing is so people can read before buying.
  2. We have a $49 annual subscription.

The subscription is a buy-in. These are game coins to buy featured items in the program. They are a way to customize your presence in the game.

The rate is 1,800 DC to $1 and you have a year to spend the annual $49. You also get to control parts of the game by voting with your DC currency.


We ask when you like us that you tell a couple of people for referral to our information site and offer no commission. No sales commissions create for us a different motivation in the network players community.

Just find one then another. That’s the business plan.

We ask that they duplicate you and do the same.

At this direct and indirect level reaching 7 total including yourself, you will be invited into the Squires of Deyrnas part of the game.


You will earn a daily dividend on global sales. This will be based on an algorithm of your input and value to the company in time and timing and volume and repeat volume and momentum. It is beyond anyone’s control but it will be fair to the company and the Squire.

It’s the old Welsh word for the United Kingdom, which had an alternate meaning back in history when the word was used.

Some are playing the game as subjects of the fantasy Deyrnas World.

Welcome back Pages, Squires, and Heralds.

At heart, many of you have always been interested in our favorite Themes of Medival Times, historical and fantasy worlds of the past, and the Science Fiction Genre including time travel into the past and future.

Deyrnas was Born to Carry the Ring. These are ancient desires. These are the shared experiences that got us here.

Creating Adjacent worlds by Branching off history and telling a story of adventure and triumph.

Boys and girls have separate entrances in Deyrnas World.

You will be the first men to invite girls to play with you.
The Girls Only Gateway into Deyrnas is in a separate area.
Pages, squires, and heralds are groups like the old boy scouts used to be 100 years ago before the cultural invasions of the developed world. They are for confirmed men only.
Starting out as a “Page”, means you need to assist the “Squire” while they are busily assisting the “Herald”. The Herald is assisting the Knights who are in service to Lords and Ladies. In turn, they influence The Kings Council who speak for people to the Kings who are all Kings that are committed to the Policies of Kings that come from the King of Kings and his Queen.
Not to difficult to learn while you take your time in Deyrnas virtual world that has real-world benefit.
Remember a game that has real-world benefits is a first thought experiment, a make-believe plan, and a fun way to learn cool new stuff.