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No Data entered into any computer is 100% safe!

Not only are Privacy Laws written by the “elite thinking” people of our past, but they’re also using a Yoda Star Walker Mind Meld trick on joe public. White hat hackers are in the legitimate programmers’ world and they are the grassroots thinking people who know you cannot lock out any Black hat hacker forever.

All the billion dollar companies are susceptible to hacking and the media expose this on a semi-regular basis. Therefore we are not responsible for your information as much as we try to be so. If you are concerned then please create a new email and make up a name for use in Deyrnas World.

If at some time in the future you want to make a financial transaction then we will use a different website that has more resources to protect you at a cost such as PayPal which is currently processed by a third party so that is is harder to access your data.

A Different language and original meaning for words.

Weird and strange words, phrases and symbol (words are symbols for thoughts and ideas) will be found throughout Deyrnas because we speak a massive “other” language. This language is of Kings and the King of Kings and is part of the Game you may come to learn and love over time.

This is done to disconnect from search “motors” including all the false AI you think you are being informed by now. It is needed because a terror rules the world now that changes the meaning of words so that truth can be easily hidden. We feel even a word like progress has been altered and no longer is a good thing in many cases. We want to think progress is forward and better but it is usually backward and or benign and generally not a good thing.

Because we are not or do not want to be giving away our power to search engines control and shadow banning it is essential that YOU be our voice to spread the good news of Deyrnas.

We are invitee and referral only.

Referrals must be personal in nature, no bots. You are partially responsible for the people you invite into Deyrnas hall of records. You will be “punished” by consequences in the game if you need to be corrected in the game. Thin skin is not desirable or healthy for anyone. You should be able to listen to hidden truths without lowering yourself to emotionalism or false mental anxiety.

The truth will hurts before it saves. The hurt you feel might be your fear of change or your resistance to avoiding the feeling of being wrong about important things in life for so long. Embarrassment. Don’t beat yourself up about finding out you where wrong, embrace it because you are on the way to a better life now. Reject anxiety in yourself because the truth is so rich and so much better than every day you stay in the former way of looking at life from the “sea of lies” that the world has become.

The tip of the iceberg means there is so much more here than meets the eye.

There are 7 levels and 2 rumored levels. Each level have 8 levels inside it and rumored 2 more hidden levels. All game levels add between 7 x 8 to 9 x 10 or 56 to 90.


We believe this is important. In the game there are 4 categories of values. First is money and money basic training. The next is a better social life new friends possibly a mate. The next category is becoming smarter. The next category is become more at one with everything and life around you in all.

  • There is little health if limits are put on from poor money management or understanding which leads to 80% of disease from life without enough to fulfill the range of things a person needs to be free and fully alive. The psychological shut down makes the body follow in it’s shutting down. Money but more importantly a dignified money flow with no risk of ending, a safety and sense of security that leads to health come over that person individually. The game makes you stronger because Deyrnas wants stronger people playing.
  • We don’t misuse information for profit but there is no honest operator that can prove they can guarantee 100% private networks and databases unless you fund and build them yourself. Which we will build when you give us 10 million for it.
  • Listen to the NEWS about massive companies getting hacked. Do you expect us to be able to finance better security than those big banks and ecommerce outlets who like the credit agencies get hacked by an insider who always gets away because everyone but you is in on it.
  • The New mandatory privacy statement is a “reason fallacy” a fraud because it takes advantage of a lower IQ general population who can’t hear the voice of true authority is in the knowledge of the system and the facts about technology, not the theories of obfuscation and power greed by commerce. You cannot claim to protect now or into the future if you “worship truth over fiction” because the future holds completely better and advanced hacking and data breaking software. All internet hops are recorded by all governments at all universities and all border hop stations.
  • We dissolve ourselves from that crazy world. They think they are smarter than us. We are at an alien level compared with them. We think big picture and long term. They are forced into boxes for political short term thinking and commercial small picture minds.
  • The world of Newtonians is limited and alien to the mind of a player in Deyrnas who has the advantages learned from a quantum foundation world. Instant behavior, as laws of natural positive reaction, are the prophecied laws written on the “mind of the heart”. If you don’t have these basic skill, get them soon.

It’s no fun when “crazy people” invented the rules in this adjacent world. Did you know that people form groups and have kangaroo courts and the public law does nothing about it? The lower worlds of the “Newtonian group-think mind are pathways to darkness and evil because they are unattended by the mind of Deyrnas. The lack the Arts and Culture of Truth.

  • The lower made version of reality is an adjacent world, and not a true parallel world. They make up low-level thinking rules and call them laws that end up being used against the good of the world.

Then they pimp the cops to follow these low-level rules tucked into the decent and good laws that the cops actually do work for most of the time. But there are bad laws and it would be foolish to assume the law or its process is perfect just because it is slow to change.


The Business N.D.A. is another weak contract law because of the mitigating cost of using it, ever. It never is really strong, possibly unconstitutional in some versions and in the end, you would need a lot of money to use it against someone who already calculated the cost of your anger and frustration into the equation before the ripoff.

Even if we DERYNAS AND ALL HER ARMS never save information to make your web app website AND web tool experience MORE ENJOYABLE AND USEFUL and more customizable, we cannot know who may be listening to you on your end. This is the sad fallacy of privacy. You could send information to us one time, and someone is listening on your end. We erase it after one use as needed and then some thief on your end uses it for evil. We get the cost of defending ourselves. Is that justice?

All DEYRNAS pages should have an httpS Security encryption so check to see you are on an official site.

Ultimately we are playing games to teach so that in the end we are saving the world. This can take months to realize. That is why we would naturally have enemies, right? We didn’t make the enemies, they make themselves.

Eventually, you see we are thinking in all ways to save the person, the family, the traditional community through arts and culture to return the clear and superior times of the past, not all but the Keeper discoveries of what makes a life lived Well.


Today on the first of January 2019 A CONSERVATIVE leader told a statistic to a media scrum 48% of Canadians are $200 away from not making it through a month, (We call this being in bankrupt denial) and that 33% had fallen below that. (The go without in the rich resource country of Canada)


Because we are not your surface establishment design and have not pushed harder and faster (wisely because we had few choices). Most of all that causes the world to be a mess is not up there in your la la land erality.

Individual problems are our fault too. You have problems because you don’t have work from us. You don’t have a mission to complete for us or any business transactions. You don’t have invested capital so your living with less now. We are self-sufficient but not finished until you are self-sufficient.

In la la land you expect to get free stuff. Here we know that free stuff is actually shit. Here you learn and get lucky if you get to work. Then you see the kind of stuff that Deyrnas can buy. Do you know that our products are not available to the (uneducated about us) public? None of our jobs are available to the public. This is a separate economy. There is no way to do this without the blessing of a separate economy.

Don’t leave any information but if you to it is at your own risk. Deyrnas will also do most communications by land delivered postal service mail. We try to answer land delivered mail within one month an respoonse by mail is needed and the self-addressed stamped envelope is included.