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Hello friend and new visitor

You are here to become wealthy. Period.

Wealth depends, right?

It depends on what you call wealthy or if you like to call it riches.

In our philosophy WEALTH in everything is a good life choice.

Not taking the neutral lazy side, or being tricked into bad choices the end up badly. Poverty is the devil’s playground.

Forget the “amount”. Forget your “age” number of years. Forget what they all told you about you and your wealth capabilities. If the next 5 people you meet are twice as wealthy as you, you will be pulled up in their wealth storm energy uplifting life in wealth.


EVERYONE WITH $1500 IS EQUALS TIMES 3 (professionals only)




The steps are smart so you don’t have to be in the sense of putting it all together. It’s done for you, just follow the steps.

Following the steps is designed to have you copy smart peoples plan of action. Just do it and you are going to learn.

Less talk more action. You are getting help from a volunteer who sponsors you.

Will you sponsor someone else?

Will you help someone in the same way you learn to help others?

This person is going to help you get over the fence.

The choice to experience more wealth perpetually until death do us part is always a good thing, IMHO

We believe the devil is against your wealth.

The demons are against your wealth.

Poverty is the devil’s playground.

He squeezes some people financially until they cross the line and break our inner voice and personal morals.

That’s when we fall off the fence and onto the rainbow’s dark side. The other side has the pot and gold. It looks good on the dark side but it sucks once the trap is sprung.

You don’t ever come back from the memory of crossing the line, never, so sad. Choose the other side. This side here. Choose Wealth. Choose the freedom of your free time it can make happen. Choose to leave the temptations of the basic kind.

Step Up

Wealth can provide things that a person can’t imagine.

If you have never had this much raw comfort and security, wealth will show you it is worth it.

START AND GO SLOW. when you reach a small $200 extra income a month then you are where 80% of people can get over some financial trap and related pain. Can you imagine what happens at $200 extra a week?

In 6 to 9 months later, $100 to $200 a day is family changing extra money.

No affiliate program, no sales commision, just direct value. The flagship is $499 a year. $1.37 a day.

Then the computer amplifies it into crypto-community currency. This rate is variable but will never change until 100% operational status is reached.

$1US = 1,800 >c<

500 x 1,800 = 900,000 >c<

You have one year to spend it in the Exclusive Trade System.

Our unique trade system allows you to bet on startups or buy products and services that are not found on your store shelf. You can apply to add anything and if it fits with our system there is a greater reward than going commercial public.

We are commercial private buying investing betting on young people and families, betting on individuals everywhere personal and family wealth and health-focused organization of independent associate.

IF YOU NEED TO WINDOW SHOP, TIME AND TIMING IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN having all the KNOWLEDGE that you really have a year to look at and learn how it benefits you in your spare time. YOUR SPARE TIME, AFTER YOU BUILD YOUR VALUE ENGINE AND TURNED ON.

The Backdoor is [HERE]

And secondly, you are here to take the steps to be able to keep your next level new wealth safe and for your whole life.

It will cost in 5 ways.

    1. Skills
    2. Money
    1. Attitude
    1. Resources
  1. Timing

That Spells S M A R T

Be smart, you will see some results to understand it is real, but the big dream is a long way away, in 2 or 3 years from now.

Be honest with yourself, this is an iron in the fire for a future financial back up for something unforeseen when you are likely to need it most.

You could reach the top income in 9 months but that would take a very experienced predeveloped business person.

You will need to invest 2,500 in Skills over the year and want to invest $500 to $1,500 in Money to buy a crypto-community currency for spending on exclusive items.

At least 26 hours this year in proper Attitude reaffirmation time. Seriously it works and is recommended in the reminder team memos. At least the intention of setting up your whole year in the first week is expected. That is exactly the proof we need of Resourcefulness.

At minimum committing your Time to see all goals are met for yourself while assisting others where possible (7 hours – 7 days). As we grow People have to help others learn fast or we would soon outgrow the number of teachers we would need. Teach the teachers first.

The front end of your website is offline.

Unless you know the secret word to log in then you can enter it here.

Login | Secret Word

The secret word changes regularly so we know you’re still active and OK out there.

So here’s your maintenance page again while we reinvest, rewrite, and reorganize public content, plus re-secure the e-commerce upgrades. We should call this the Re-page.

When you know the great secrets one of the best ways to conceal that fact and take cover is to pretend you believe in crazy stuff.

So from UFO’s to lizard people if it’s not too crazy you can use it to get little bits of fringe discoveries higher truth and the soft kind of crazy help.

Blaming crazy and violent crazy never works. You need gentle nutty concern. Keep in mind when you encounter a delicious truth cake with fantasy cream icing.

More training for the team!

The ELITE Team will soon open up for registration in the next funding round. DO NOT miss out if you are a professional networker and bring your own reasons for wanting to enrich your life today and in your near future. We adapt all development to using Agile methods including networking for all positions in HR and capital raising drives. Capital is always raised from the ground floor up or the grassroots finance which is matched by larger cap investors. Grassroots participation is part of risk reduction for large-cap and angel investors.

Pre-launch Only Information

During pre-launch only, there will be 50 accounts made available at the $1,500 level. 150 secondary accounts at the $500 level will also be available. These 200 special premium accounts will raise $150K that will be matched by one sponsor with $100K and another for $50K. This allows for a $300K production budget.

This is the ONLY way any new arm of the organization is launched for the main reason that we will never have any long-term debt. We need to eventually become the bank, not be beholding to the bank.

We also need to grow capital budgets at the same pace as the number of skilled workers we can retain.


There is room for the best and nothing less.

We can not have any beginner program at this time. It is not for everyone at this time. Elite leaders do not need a couple of weeks it takes to help a person wipe out all the unnecessary avoidance questions and action delays that new people seem to have. That cost of time is money you could be earning sooner. We need leaders so we can talk shop without the distractions. This is not a collective idea, it is a patent-able invention.


We have lost some connections in our files for configurations when the last update to Concrete 5 version 8.0 was attempted.


We have redirected you to


The other Web Centers and Consoles should be operational and unaffected.


DEYRNAS operates with the help and assistance from skilled volunteers on the production line of the website services when available and we rely on the public who raise funds for us. Thank you because you are really, thanking yourself now and in the future.

There are 22 sites Web Centers for various regions and departments of the organization.

We are in a new phase and have all the natural problems growing up online as a newborn has yet maybe, even more, needs and requirements. No one as yet is appointed to work here full time on a salary with commitments and responsibilities. We are ad-hock just to get the framework open so that funding can see exactly what we are doing.

Is it for love, power or money that we do this together?

Well yes, of course, all three. Someday someone can tell me what’s wrong with more love, joust powers, and earned a sack of golden crypto bits.

At last, this position of Herald is my volunteer duty and I love it. It forces me to take a break from the air quotes real world, unquote.