Maintenance Notice

Hello friends and members. The front end of your website is down for maintenance, organizing, e-commerce and much more for your new spending habits.


We have lost some connections in our files for configurations when the last update to Concrete5 version 8.0 was attempted.


We have redirected you to


The other Web Centers and Consoles should be operational and unaffected.


DEYRNAS operates with the help and assistance from skilled volunteers on the production line of the website services when available and we rely on the public who raise funds for us. Thank you because you are really, thanking yourself now and in the future.

There are 22 sites Web Centers for various regions and departments of the organization.

We are in a new phase and have all the natural problems growing up online as a newborn has yet maybe, even more, needs and requirements. No one as yet is appointed to work here full time on a salary with commitments and responsibilities. We are ad-hoc just to get the framework open so that funding can see exactly what we are doing.

Good day, I am the Herald of Deyrnas.

Is it for love, power or money that we do this together?

Well yes, of course, all three. Someday someone can tell me what’s wrong with more love, joust powers, and earned a sack of golden crypto bits.

At last, this position of Herald is my volunteer duty and I love it. It forces me to take a break from the air quotes real world, unquote.

All the important positions in Deyrnas are unpaid as well. This is because the money we earn comes from the Trade Arena.

Trade is ONE OF THREE in the trinity of activities where everyone earns what they want to be doing what they like.

But there is more to modern trade now, another kind of currency used for an exchange of old-style digital “money” and even older plastics and paper money, forget about the metals and salt and nails and seashells money we all used to have. Now we have money we can’t talk about in the public, Deyrnas money. You tell me if you have ever heard of loyalty money just for being real all the time with us?

Also, there is another way of receiving value with no money for things you used to have to pay for. There are many things taken out of the money economy and invested back into the worker or accomplished. There are new banking systems hidden in Deyrnas waiting for the launch conditions. You can be here working with us after we get to know you.

As Herald Official, I send messages “through Deyrnas filters” to the General Public on and offline and/or the membership. Members get the inside story. The public gets the need to know at best.


There are many examples of why we are a closed society.

#1 is the bad guys actually exist.

#2 we invent and create without patenting anything

#3 we have powerful economic and political solutions

#4 we do not want the current powers that be, to steal for themselves,  claiming they discovered the social plans owned by Deyrnas only.

Our inventions and philosophy are scattered all over, in the materials and processes of making everything. Deyrnas has a better way to make anything. It’s clear that is the way it is inside Deyrnas and it is embedded in all our information products as well.

The company is not for sale. The front end product is a filter that sorts people from “winning potentials” to “not ready yet” or the “likable never’s”.

We want to win in the market, not in the courtrooms over stolen ideas.

As long as we profit first and foremost share with our workers who invest in foundations for humanity, then ask us for time marketing rights and don’t be shy with your profit sharing ideas for yourself and others.

Even with assisting in innovation just come to us for clearance so that you first get to understand the way of working in Deyrnas the way better deal.

This Web Center will never expose the business of Deyrnas to the unregistered public.

You don’t need a Privacy letter from a foreign authority.

We collect nothing about you.

We don’t depend on Google or Facebook for traffic. That’s your job alone. We ask you to tell two friends and it doesn’t matter if you don’t want to help. If you have no sponsor the changes of getting in become harder. You have to pay for the due diligence.

Member subscriptions are $499 per year. Vision, perseverance, profit, reward, investment. Take the seven equal coins and arrange them on the table. This is your one personal organization development. Your POD.

One POD in 7 hours to 7 days pays 143% of the cost of annual membership.

Within 15 days returns a typical 132%

Within 22 days returns a typical 122%

Within 29 days returns are about 97%

Traffic does not exist when it’s pushed to the public. We wipe-out general traffic records. We delete stats that aren’t technically required and hold IP address on all servers as normal operations. There is nothing individually connected in any way to you. We are attacked by scripts and hacks and don’t care to trace it beyond blocking software. We expect it, because the “good side” always a “Dark Side” in theory who never sits still.

We do not care who, where you are as an unregistered visitor. Once you run the gauntlet in a hard club to join, you’ll be happy to be among the leaders and mentors only for a change.


We have little time to or will never answer your UNREGISTERED emails.

You know, we know, you are just advertising. We file your ads and might scan the folder one day when we are ready to make a purchase.

To be your sales lead gathering list, “you’re big in with the boys” was not in our plans. You would register as a human with a name (or an alien with a strange code name) if you were worth it.

SEE the person, heads up, smartphone dumb. Not seeing the business need, the value on the issues that matter as outlined in the Publicly accessible information.

The Deyrnas makes a huge claim, and then creatively tries to provide it from mind to paper to video to the real world. We are the creators of something. We hope it is part of a better world. But we don’t want to pretend we know the future.

We do know the world can be better than it is for everyone and everything. God is fired unless he is willing to serve our needs and help us make a better world right now, not at some mysterious mystical never-ending time in the next day tomorrow that never come. 86% have some Godly imagination.

Let me ask you this when you God shows up will he head straight over to the Office of the People actually physically in the business of making the world a better place? Or, will he head over to the figureheads who talk about the downtrodden as they collect their fees?

In Deyrnas, we WORK for our charity as a profitable business. And in our Trade department, we fix problems before they break. The people that wait until it breaks are fools. We make things stronger while they are working so they don’t break ever. The cost of things that break is phenomenal in terms of blood and money.

Charity is integrated the capital sharing way on those things that are not luxury or risk of low demand like food and water and the basic raising of the acceptable line at the bottom, of income economies like minimum wage. The typical Deyrnas minimum has averaged at 183% of the national average minimum.