One of the Commonwealth’s Most Interesting Men decided one day to write a story about his adventures in life. And then another one and so on until he had written short stories for five years.

One day, he got a call about a friend in need and had to leave town in a hurry. He left the city to spend time with his best friend after he had endured cancer treatment.

He’s an actor, but he sure looks wise doesn’t he. 😉

However, ten days later, his friend passed away. This was the man who knew him best. He was the last person on Earth who intimately understood him, or so he thought. So he felt very alone.

While he was still in mourning, he returned home to discover a terrible betrayal by his roommates and a home-wrecking house invasion.

Gone forever were the five manuscripts along with several if not most of his computers. Imagine a house fire only with no flames. Everything that meant something was gone.

It all boils down to the famous saying, “It is nice to be important, but much more important to be nice.”

Then the strangest thing started happening. The people involved in his destruction of property and theft (and stealing the books from the public’s chance to read them) they began dying of fatal accidents. The longer they had gotten away with their crime, the scarier their fatal outcome would be.

Why was the universe unfolding in this way? It was terrifying to all his friends around him.

Why was lightning striking down the people who ruined these manuscripts and books from coming out to the public?

Were those books important somehow?

Maybe they were part of the evolution of the world?

Maybe they contained fundamental solutions to issues of global sustainability?

Well, I think all that is true. I think they were lessons in evolution told in a story form about someone experiencing a download at an overwhelming volume. One of the greatest tragedies in the modern world turns out to be one of the greatest lessons for personal and global survival. Wow.

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The last one of those planet destroyers “accidentally” passed away about 20 years ago now and a lot has happened since then. Theories became proven.

Everyone is moving. They go here and there. They go right and left. Sometimes they go forward and sometimes backward. Sometimes they standstill. Sometimes they standstill on a moving platform. Sometimes people go up. Sometimes they go down. Sometimes they move around in the dark.

And when they are blind in the dark what difference would it make?

Sometimes your body may move in ways it can’t survive by the forces of nature and her occasional stormy disasters. Some refer to the theory of intelligent design in nature, or should I say back away from it, in times like these hours of chaos that can kill the body.

The person moving is a condensation drop of personal mind-space in the sea of consciousness. The air is less conscious, the tree is more, the animal is more, the bird is more and you and I are more condensed consciousness. Like droplets of dew on rose petals in the royal garden we sparkle and amplify light when the sun shines through.

Human beings do not have the greatest DNA on the planet. Know why inside.

This is called quantum navigation. and as one moves one has encountered. Those encounters allow connections and that connection affect the quality of your experiences in life much more than any other dimension of being human.

Connections are made by simply going left or right or forward or back. It is that simple you turn a corner and meet a new friend and they introduce you to another person and the connection make the world go around.

Good connections are the ones that build you up as a person and with others who share fairly. Bad connections are all those time wasters, you know them. Everyone has guilty time-wasting pleasures.

Neutral zoning spaced out connections might wake up one day but probably not. For now, we have a new technology you can experiment with.

You can’t turn on and learn quantum navigation if you don’t have the time and the positive people around you. Or none at all. Even if everyone is too content they will resist an adventure.

The goal is to move your life (your bubble) into a better version for you in the same general world, by connecting with the positive people who can get you there much more easily than you can imagine easily.

Attend all your Bubble Studies

If you don’t know your bubble how can you interact with all the other bubbles? Every living thing has a bubble around it. They have layers. Those layers have universal rules. And if you know them everyone can get along much better.

You will get the right flow of interaction and the truth is you don’t need an adventure with dung heads. You can learn just as much in a positive adventure as a negative one so choose positive for your own sake.

Learn about your bubble so you can Q-Nav with others.