Beta Deyrnas Cover Page

NEWS: Deyrnas begins developing two new benefit departments for you. – H.R. RECRUITING – [click here for the summary] — FUNDRAISING — [members only click for the current summary]

The Program

Deyrnas develops mutually beneficial projects and builds, systems and processes, innovations and adaptations, improvements and prevention of breakdown maintenance. More of this work and the mobile and network technology.

497 M is our sales goal.

We are set up to payout a large part of sales revenues in a casual commission program.

For selling and training new micro franchise owners around Deyrnas World you may earn a serious second income.

Deyrnas develops BlockCableServer’s. A Micro-Franchise is a licence to sell all one class of technology that starts @ $1,177 annually. The product package is a way of introducing people to Deyrnas Technology for $495 with a $100 cash rebate for attending a live focus group.

  • They deal fairly for everyone invested in us who deserves a proportional piece of the pie.
  • Not all projects are the set up for full-share with a payout system of doing business,
  • The ones that are can become cash for life.
  • Working here can help make you very financial satisfied.

If you are out of commuting driving to work range, and you thought about working smarter from a home sales and management office, maybe our micro-franchise could work for you.

Everyone should be PAID OR sign up as a VOLUNTEER, to professionally assist in the launch of these two departments while earning an override value of 1% 2% or 3% of global revenues shared.